Application to TOPAS

TOPAS Registration helps Purchasing Authorities ensure that the Traffic Products they buy comply with national Regulations and will perform in a safe, predictable, and reliable way. Consequently, many Purchasing contracts now require that Products are TOPAS registered.

In summary, the Registration process requires that a manufacturer create a Technical File and a Declaration of Conformity, against the TOPAS specification(s) to which the Product is to be Registered and submit this an independent Technical Assessor for evaluation. The required content of the Technical File is defined in each TOPAS Performance Specification.

Following the evaluation process, the Declaration of Conformity is countersigned by the Technical Assessor and the manufacturer then submits this to TOPAS, who in turn will issue a Registration Certificate and add the Product to the TOPAS Register which is publicly accessible.

The TOPAS Registration process is described in detail in TOPAS 0600

The Registration process is supported by several forms which may be obtained via the links below.

Specific Guidance on completion of the Declaration of Conformity and the Compliance Matrix can be found below

A list of TOPAS approved technical assessors can be found here

Your application MUST include the Technical Assessor report reference.

We may require you to supply your Technical Assessor’s report as part of your application.

Application Process for First Registration

  1. Download the Declaration of Conformity Form T001 above
  2. Complete the first part of the form and submit with your supporting Technical File, to your Technical Assessor, (the Technical Assessor will need to complete part 2),
  3. Download the Application for Registration, Form T002 and complete
  4. Upload both forms using the upload area below
  5. You may upload additional documentation required in support of your Compliance (eg Technical Assessor Report and/or Additional product data where this is necessary for non compliance)
  6. Make payment by BACS to:
    Account No: 29325468 Sort Code: 30-92-40
    Account Name: Topas Ltd.
    Please quote your company name as reference.

Cost of application £1,200 per product (from 1st April 2021)

You should email to request a purchase invoice if required

For all other applications for re-registration please refer to the guidance in TOPAS 0600 for the required form completion for upload below (which can be downloaded from this page)


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