What’s new?

18/09/23 – TOPAS 2505, 2506, 2507, 2512 –

TOPAS specifications 2505, 2506, 2507 and 2512 all contain clauses for the maximum time for resumption of normal operation after an interruption to the detector power supply. It is accepted that the majority of new detection products use of single board computers to run their detection algorithms. When powered or re-powered these have to load their operating system before loading the detection algorithm.  This requires considerably more than 5000ms. It is proposed that in all four specifications this is revised to read “….within 120s…”.

This will be done in due course but the timing extension will be accepted on product applications.

30/8/23 – TOPAS Re-registrations will now incur a fee of £150 per product. This is effective from 17/8/23 and applies to all forms of re-registration.

30/8/23 – TOPAS Registrations which require up-issue must complete a full registration application if only previously given Highways Agency approval. The re-registration fee will be £150, but a technical assessment must be carried out to enable up-issue to a latest TOPAS specification.

30/8/23 – TOPAS 2540A has been revised to include a corrigendum identifying in Section 3 a TOPAS specification that was omitted – TOPAS 2542. This does not affect the specification in any way and in all other respects is identical to the previous version.

2/8/23 – A note for applicants on re-registration and verification of compliance in FAQs

19/7/23 – New Technical Assessor Approved – Horiba Mira Certification Limited – details on the apply page link

19/7/23 – TOPAS 2546A is now live. Applicants should use T001 v2 (only for 2546A) on the apply page with the standard application when registering.

13/7/23 – New form T004 – notification of minor product change – effective immediately

TTF and TOPAS working together Road Infrastructure Equipment procurement standards – Highways News (highways-news.com)

3/7/23 – TOPAS 2130D is now live.

14/6/23 – TOPAS 2310D currently being reviewed by Board to incorporate requirements for 2540 (removing 2502, 2503, 2537, 2538 for ambiguity)

23/5/23 – New Technical File Template added to assist applicants on Apply page

20/04/23 TOPAS 2544A is now Live (20/4/23)

03/05/23 TOPAS 2540A is now Live (3/5/23)

17/04/23 TOPAS 2510B is now Live (17/4/23)