Traffic Open Products & Specifications

TOPAS is registered as a limited company operating on a not-for-profit basis. It is overseen by a tripartite Management Board comprising of members of Government, users including National Highways, and the Manufacturing community. For more detail see the About Us page.

TOPAS offers a straightforward means for those purchasing such equipment to verify compliance with the specifications through the TOPAS product registration system.

The three key purposes of TOPAS are :

to develop and maintain a suite of Technical Procurement Specifications covering traffic control and related equipment specifying details technical performance criteria for traffic control products – specification list;

to maintain a register of products that have been assessed as meeting those specification requirements by an independent third party Technical Assessor. TOPAS Product Register

to provide a product registration and certification service for manufacturers – product registration

In addition, TOPAS publishes its specifications reviews for public consultation – specification review

The Product Register is updated regularly and is be deemed to be the current position. Product registrations may be checked with TOPAS. We can provide copies of full certificates on request. Please email with the manufacturer information and Certificate reference number provided and we will be able confirm whether the product registered with us.

Limits on TOPAS activities

TOPAS Specifications are intended to be used to aid purchasers and whilst not mandatory, the requirement for TOPAS Registration may be required by individual purchasing contracts. However it is not a regulatory body and any complaints regarding products should supplied and installed be addressed to the manufacturers and/or the Office for Product Safety (OPSS). It is the contracting parties’ responsibility to ensure suitability of product and installation.

TOPAS is a Registered Trademark Registered under Certificate No. UK00003934576

Forthcoming dates/events

TOPAS AGM will take place in August each year. If you wish to attend please notify to receive an invitation. If you have a question you wish to put, please also provide this in advance to assist the Board in preparation of a considered response. Thank you.

AGM 2024 – August 22nd @ AGD Offices, Staverton GL51 0TF – if you wish to attend or have any questions you wish to put forward please email no later than 31st July. Thank you

TOPAS will be attending trade events throughout the year – Traffex, Highways UK, JCT