Traffic Open Products & Specifications

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 came into force on 22nd April 2016 removing the requirement for statutory Type Approval previously required under Direction 56. The TOPAS Product Registration process was introduced for new product registrations for all such traffic control equipment. Existing Type Approved Products that were compliant to the then latest HA specification published were transferred from TSS Registry to the TOPAS Register.

The key aim of TOPAS is to develop and seek adherence to defined specifications to assist in the reduction the risk of operational problems in the future. The establishment of TOPAS ensures the continued management and development of technical specifications for traffic control equipment and offer a straightforward means for those purchasing such equipment to verify compliance with the specifications through the TOPAS product registration system.

On this site TOPAS:

  • Maintains technical specifications for traffic control and associated equipment
  • Maintains and publishes a public list of TOPAS registered products which comply with the requirements of individual technical specifications
  • Maintains and publishes a public register of Manufacturers of TOPAS registered products
  • Manages the consultation processes for the review of current and new technical specifications for traffic control equipment proposed by manufacturers, purchasers and users
  • Provides a product registration and certification service for manufacturers
  • Keeps interested parties updated with important information and notification of public meeting dates

The Product Register is updated regularly and is be deemed to be the current position. Product registrations may be checked with TOPAS. We can provide copies of full certificates on request. Please email with the manufacturer information and Certificate reference number provided and we will be able confirm whether the product registered with us.

TOPAS AGM will take place virtually on 18th August 2022. If you wish to attend please notify to receive an invitation. If you have a question you wish to put, please also provide this in advance to assist the Board in preparation of a considered response. Thank you.

Product registration page – click here

Specification review page – click here