Information for Manufacturers


Manufacturers are invited to register their products to the latest TOPAS specifications under the TOPAS 0600 registration procedure.  

TOPAS Registration helps Purchasing Authorities ensure that the Traffic Products they buy comply with national Regulations and will perform in a safe, predictable, and reliable way and ensures that testing has been undertaken by reputable test houses accredited under 17025 to undertake the specified tests. The majority of purchasing contracts now require that Products are TOPAS registered.

In summary, the Registration process requires that a manufacturer create a Technical File and a Declaration of Conformity, against the TOPAS specification(s) to which the Product is to be Registered and submit this to an independent Technical Assessor for evaluation. The required content of the Technical File is defined in each TOPAS Performance Specification.

Following the evaluation process, the Declaration of Conformity is countersigned by the Technical Assessor and the manufacturer then submits this to TOPAS, who in turn will issue a Registration Certificate and add the Product to the TOPAS Register which is publicly accessible.

Product registrations will incur a single one-off fee of £1200 per product.  (This cost does not include Technical Assessors fees to verify compliance to specification, see TOPAS0600 for a detailed description of the process).

TOPAS does not offer a consultancy or advisory service to manufacturers.  We are a voluntary organisation made up of several sectors of industry and must remain impartial at all times.  Manufacturers are invited to seek clarification of requirements from TOPAS specifications.  Manufacturers should check that products conform with all the specifications they intend to rely on for any product registration.  In addition they must satisfy themselves that they conform with all regulations and statutory requirements both in relation to EU and UK currently in force.

Guidance in relation to products for use in the UK and requirements which exist may be available from independent industry consultants and/or other commercial and professional bodies in addition to National Highways and Department of Transport.

If manufacturers have a specific issue relating to the product and its specification requirements then it should provide a summary of the issues for the Board to consider.

Should you have any questions please contact  . 

Products with current registrations will appear on the website – this will be the definitive record of current registrations and will be maintained regularly.  If a product does not appear on the register please contact 

Previous Type Approvals

Type Approval to the Highways Agency TR25** series of specifications ended in 2016. TOPAS registration states that products meet the requirements prevailing as at the date of registration. For previous type approvals you should refer to the HA registration date stated on the register.

Subsequent changes to UK legislation and designated standards may require TOPAS to update its own specifications when necessary. However, manufacturers who update their products may notify TOPAS of any upgrade to ensure products remain compliant to current needs. This information can be added to the product registration through the TOPAS processes.

Further information can be found on our TOPAS Briefings page and FAQs