TOPAS 2502B Performance Specification for Portable Traffic Signal Control Equipment for use at Roadworks

Specification Number
Issue Date

Product Name Product Ref Manufacturer Specification Number Specification Status Registration Date Certificate No More
Siignals Vehicle Pod with Siigsense Controller SVACA01 Superseded 24/05/2022 2022-0213 More Info
EVO PT5 PDL 2030 Superseded 06/02/2015 2020/0165 More Info
EVO T5 Superseded 06/02/2015 2020/0166 More Info
Smart Radio Connect Multi Phase Superseded 14/08/2015 2015/0091 More Info
UTC-EVO Superseded 14/08/2015 2020/0168 More Info
Radio Connect Muilti-Phase Superseded 23/09/2015 2015/0094 More Info
EVO T2 Controller Superseded 22/04/2016 2020/0167 More Info
Portable Traffic Light LZA 500 PED 295196-1 SupersededSupersededSuperseded 21/06/2016 2016/0126 More Info
3-aspect signal head and radio-linked traffic signals II3400 Issue 1 Superseded 24/10/2018 2018/0151 More Info