EVO T2 Controller

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Specification Status Superseded
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Registration Date 22/04/2016
Certificate Number 2020/0167
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Product Details:

TOPAS Re-Registration 3/7/20    Certificate 2020/0167 

Exceptions : In respect of TOPAS 2502B,  TOPAS 2538B and TOPAS 2537A

SA/SD  Equipment: (TOPAS 2537A clause 2.58 & TOPAS 2338A clause 2.57)  This function is not included with this eqiupment.

Cat 1 Failure mode: (TOPAS 2502B clause 2.60, TOPAS 2537A clause 2.71 and TOPAS 2538A clause 2.70): Note : rather than transition immediately to all red, the system enters a HOLD state in which no signalling transitions can occur.  This lasts for up to 12 seconds, during which time the system works to find a viable alternative radio channel on which to resume operation, in the event that this operation is unsuccessful, the system transitions to immediate lights out state

Pedestrian Green Time: (TOPAS 2537A clause 2.42 and TOPAS 2538A clause 2.39): The controllers offer alternative pedestrian green times, always with a minimum of 7 seconds.

Automatic Comms Recovery: (TOPAS 2502B clause 2.61;  TOPAS 2537A clauses 2.72 and TOPAS 2538A clause 2.71): Following a CAT1 fault, the system waits for a variable hold-off period before then automatically attempting to restart the system through the safe start-up sequence.  The hold off period starts at 5 seconds then increases to 1 minute, then 2, 5, 15,30 in the event that subsequent attempts to restart are not successful.

Minimum Green Time : (TOPAS 2502B clause 2.28;  TOPAS 2537A clause 2.31; TOPAS 2538A clause 2.29) The minimum green time employed when operating in Vehicle Actuation mode is 12 seconds but is automatically reduced to a value between 6 and 12 seconds in cases where the maximum green time is set by the operative to a value of 15 seconds or less.

Red Times (TOPAS 2537A clause 2.32) All-red times are selectable in one second increments

Maximum Green Times : (TOPAS 2502B clause 2.34; TOPAS 2537A clause 2.39; TOPAS 2538A clause 2.36) Maximum green times are selectable between 6 seconds and 60 seconds in 1 second increments.  A ‘hidden’ function is available to advanced users (under highway authority instruction) in order to allow maximum green times in the range of 6 – 15 seconds to be set.

CAT 3 fault : (TOPAS 2502B clause 2.62; TOPAS 2537A clause 2.73: TOPAS 2538A clause 2.72) When a CAT 3 fault occurs, all signal heads in the system automatically complete any amber transition currently in progress


TOPAS First Registration 22.4.16   Certificate Number  2016/0016

Previous HE Approval 7/4/16 under TR2502B  with the following exceptions:

This device may also function as a slave to specifications TR2537A & TR2538A

SA/SD Equipment (TR2537A clause 2.58 & TR 2538A clause 2.57): This function ins not included with this equipment

Cat 1 Failure mode: TR2502B clause 2.60, TR2537A clause 2.71 & TR2538A clause 2.70) The system will go to all red heads for the max clearnace time prior to signals off.

Vehicle to Pedestrian Intergreen (TR2537A clause 2.4) Controllers will run preceding vehicle all red time, prior to pedestrian green.  A minimum of 3 second all red period will be achieved.

Pedestrian Green Time: (TR2537A clause 2.42 & TR2528A caluse 2.39) The controllers offer alternative pedestrian green times, always with a minimum of 7 seconds.

Automatic Comms Recovery: (TR2537A clause 2.42 & TR2538A clause 2.39) The contollers incorporate an automatic restart function, incorporating details as listed within PIKE singals technical note CRP/HA0306.

Please refer to technical document PIKE/EVO/T5/0216 for clarification