3-aspect signal head and radio-linked traffic signals

Specification Number
Specification Status Superseded
Product Ref II3400 Issue 1
Registration Date 24/10/2018
Certificate Number 2018/0151
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Product Details:

Technical file ref : 10092018


Clause 2.48 Exception – In Coeval’s dimming test (19 Oct 17) a failure was simulated but the II3400 controller did not immediately recognize the failure and the signals remained on dim rather than immediately switching to full brightness.
Rather than immediately switching to full brightness, the II3400 controller then cycled for 24hrs continually checking whether the light sensor failure was a real fault (checking in both bright and dim mode). If there was a proven fault then the signals reverted to all bright.

Clause 2.60 Exception – the signal head reverts to ‘Red’ rather than ‘OFF’ following detection of a Category 1 failure.
The portable traffic light controller on a failure will revert to all red, as opposed to OFF (‘all out’).