TrafiCam AI

Specification Number
Specification Status Live
Product Ref 10-7710; 10-7715; 10-7711; 10-7716
Registration Date 01/09/2023
Certificate Number 2023-0253
Additional Documentation

Product Details:

TOPAS Registration to TOPAS 2512B Appendices A, B, C, D only

Exceptions : Clause 2.3.12 – Start up time : The product requires of the order of 70s to regain its specified operation.  The reason for this is that the detector’s processing platform is a single-board computer and has to load an operating system then the detection application before it can output detection events.

2.3.14 – The interconnection of an above ground detector does not use the 41612 connector – this is only intended for rack mounted loop cards.

Product Family Series:

10-7710 – AI Wide (R01.10.V1.00.P04)

10-7710 with TI BPL3 – AI Wide with TI-BPL3 interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & R02.00,V1.00)

10-7710 with PoE – AI Wide with PoE Interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & R02.00)

10-7715 – AI Narrow (R01.10.V1.00.P04)

10-7715 with TI BPL3 – AI Narrow with TI-BPL3 interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & Ro2.00.V1.00)

10-7715 with PoE – AI Narrow with PoE interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & R02.00)

10-7711 – AI Wide (Non Wifi) (R01.10.V1.00.P04)

10-7711 with TI BPL3 – Wide (Non wifi) with TI-BPL3 interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & R02.00.V1.00)

10-7711 with PoE – AI Wide (Non Wifi) with PoE interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & R02.00)

10-7716 – AI Narrow (Non Wifi) (R01.10.V1.00.P04)

10-7716 with TI BPL3 AI Narrow  (Non wifi) with TI-BPL3 interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & R02.00.V1.00)

10-7716 with PoE AI Narrow with PoE interface (R01.10.V1.00.P04 & R02.00)