SLS Roadsign Series Display

Specification Number
Specification Status Superseded
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Registration Date 21/04/2017
Certificate Number 2017-0145
Additional Documentation

Product Details:

TOPAS Registration 21/4/17    Certificate No. 2017-0145   (re-issues 19/8/19 to Stocksigns Ltd)

Non compliance exceptions:

Clause 3.9 states Flashing Amber lamps to be 125mm diameter

Clause 3.10 states other sizes of conspicuity device may be used

When fitted Messagemaker SLS signs uses 65mm diameter lamps, which are in proportion to the sign size and format

Clause 3.31 specifies 3 cycles of vibration


Meets EN 60068-2-64 Vibration test – certified within EN 129661:2005 + A1:2009

(Related document 318551 Vibration Test for EN12966)

Clause 3.33 Specifies T1 temperature range (15C to +60C)


Meets EN 60068-214 Class T2 (-25C – + 55C)

(Related document 518548 P20mm Temperature test for EN12966)