Radar Sensor UMRR-11

Specification Number
Specification Status Live
Product Ref UMRR 11 Types 44, 45, 132
Registration Date 01/09/2023
Certificate Number 2023-0252
Additional Documentation

Product Details:

TOPAS 2505B Appendices A- E inclusive

Product Family : UMRR11

Type 44 – 24Ghz short distance from sensor to stop bar (18m) 4 to 6 lanes 180m range (Mod 00 Rev 04)

Type 45 – 24Ghz longer distance from sensor to stop bat(22m) up to 4 lanes 200m range (Mod 00 Rev 04)

Type 132 – 77Ghz (firmware adjustable between medium and long range) (Mod 00 Rev 04)

medium range up to 60m; long range 175m both 22m distance from sensor to stop bar

Exceptions – see below:

The UMRR11 type 45/44 and 132 do not have a visual indicator directly on the device. Status call-back is available in the data streams of the software. The products are multi lane with detection of up to 256 objects therefore a status indicator would be permanently active.
The supplied cable is in accordance with Def-Stan 61-12 however the detectors UMRR11 Type 45/44 and 132 use more cores for the additional detection outputs available including cores for communications over RS485 and Ethernet.
The use of Bulgin Buccaneer plug Series PX0728/p is optional with the UMRR11 Type45/44 and 132 as more outputs are available than this connector offers.
See item 2.14
The UMRR11 Type45/44/132 all can restart or reboot within 5000ms however this time cannot be confirmed as the restart / reboot sequence is dependent on the extent of the configuration set on to the PROM memory during installation. The equipment has been validated to <10000ms to maximum configuration settings.
Vehicles may be identified in adjacent lanes by the sensor, however if the zones and detection are only required in a particular lane then detection in any adjacent lanes will not trigger unless zones have been activated. Polygons can also be used to ignore all detection in any area or lane during setup.