Interactive VMS Sign

Specification Number
Specification Status Superseded
Product Ref 6133
Registration Date 02/01/2019
Certificate Number 2018-0153
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Product Details:

Non conformities

2516B Clauses 2.1 & 2.3 – This product complies with EN 12966:2014 (supercedes 2005)

2516B Clauses 3.3, 3.4 & 3.6 TWM Product complies with C2, L3, R1, B3 – This does not exactly align with Table 34 Level 1 or 2

2516B Clauses 3.8 – 3.14 inclusive – The product is not fitted with conspicuity devices

2516B Clauses 3.14 to 3.25 inclusive – The product is intended to be a stand alone device

2516B Clauses 3.21 – 3.33 inclusive – TWM product complied with EN12966:2014 (supercedes 2005)

Application restrictions:
• The TWM Inter-Active VMS Module is not intended for motorway use.
• The TWM VMS product should only be used for Performance Level 2 applications
• The product is designed for post-mounted applications, not gantry.
• The product is intended to be a stand-alone device. TWM have indicated: “Connectivity can be added at clients’ request. The Purchaser must provide adequate information in the works specification relating to the interface requirements between the Product and the equipment from which the Product is to be administered”

No registration is given for any detection system used in this product

Sign face messages are prescribed under TSRGD.