AGD 645 pedestrian detector

Specification Number
Specification Status Live
Product Ref 645-2xx (2xx = 24V ac/dc)
Registration Date 24/09/2019
Certificate Number 2019/0158
Additional Documentation

Product Details:

TOPAS Re-Registration 06/04/20  Certificate Number 2019/0158


TOPAS 2507A Clause 2.9 requires that targets shall be detected in a range of conditions including night.  The 645 product requires an IR illuminator if the authority is unable to provide the minimum recommended level of illumination for the cross of 15 lux.

TOPAS 2507A Clause 2.27 requires the unit to resume normal operations after a Category 1 fault within 5000ms = 5s, the AGD 645 product requires 30 seconds to resume.