AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar

Specification Number
Specification Status Live
Product Ref 318
Registration Date 20/06/2022
Certificate Number 2022-0216
Additional Documentation

Product Details:

Re-registration 11/7/22 – Certificate 2022-0216 – 2505B

First registration 2/5/19 – Certificate 2019-0157 – 2505A



TOPAS 2505B Clause 2.29 – Clause 2.29 states that “when power is restored, the product shall resume normal operation within 5000ms.”  The AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar requires up to 40s to resume.

TOPAS 2505B Clause 2.14  requires flying lead to be PVC insulated, overall braid screened, PVC sheathed (Code 7/2/10C or equivalent).  The cable of the AGD 318 Traffic Control Radar is not shielded.